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Smog Check

Licensed STAR Test & Repair Station

Smog Check Upland, CA

Joel's Automotive, Inc is a licensed California STAR Test & Repair Station serving the emissions inspection needs of Upland, CA, Claremont, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and surrounding areas.

We service:

  • 1999 & Older Model-Year Vehicles
  • 2000 & Newer Model-Year Vehicles
  • 1998 & Newer Diesel Model-Year Vehicles

Call (909) 946-7687 to talk with a member of our staff if you have any questions about smog tests or repair services at our facility.

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Why Do I Need a Smog Check?

Smog checks were introduced in the United States in 1970s as part of the Clean Air Act. The purpose of the smog check is to reduce pollution caused by vehicle emissions. High population areas across the US require motorists to pass a smog test before vehicle registration can be completed.

California requires a smog check once every two years for most vehicles.

What is a STAR Certified Location?

STAR stations meet high performance standards required by the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs for this designation. Every year, state law requires a certain percentage of vehicles to test at a STAR location. This includes vehicles that fail their Smog Check along with vehicles determined to have a higher likelihood of failure based on Smog Check history and other factors. 

If your vehicle requires a STAR Smog Check station, as determined by the DMV and indicated on your vehicle registration renewal notice, you may bring it to Joel's Automotive, Inc. In the event your car fails the smog test, we're authorized to provide repair services.

4 Facts About CA Smog Checks

Did you know:

  • Over 30 counties in California require a smog inspection for registration renewal
  • Not all STAR stations offer repair services - each station is required to post a sign on services provided
  • You must register your vehicle within 90 days of receiving your “smog certificate”
  • With few exceptions, you need to produce the current smog certificate when transferring a vehicle

Smog checks improve air quality in California significantly. Make sure to get your smog check and emissions inspection soon after you receive your notice. At Joel's Automotive, Inc, we have the proper equipment to test your smog levels and service your exhaust system. Call (909) 946-7687 or visit our service center today.

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