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Brake and Lamp Inspections

 Brake and Lamp Inspections in Upland, CA

Joel's Automotive, Inc is an Official California State Licensed Brake and Lamp Inspection Station. Since 1983, we’ve proudly served drivers throughout Upland, CA, Claremont, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Let us help with your annual brake and lamp inspection so you can drive safely (and legally).

What Happens During a Brake and Lamp Inspection?

During Your brake and lamp inspection at Joel's Automotive, Inc, we will do a few things, including:

Brake Check

  • Checking brake shoes or pads (should have 50% remaining life)
  • Measuring brake drums and rotors
  • Checking all brake hardware
  • Checking for leaks in your hydraulic system
  • Checking the hoses for cracks
  • Checking warning lamps to ensure they work properly
  • Verifying that the emergency brake can hold your vehicle at a 6% grade
  • Ensuring vehicle can stop at a 20 foot distance traveling at 25 mph

Lamp Check

  • Checking that all originally-installed lighting works properly
  • Testing the aim of your headlights
  • Checking for cracks in your lenses
  • Verifying that all reflectors are intact
  • Checking any installed aftermarket lighting
  • If applicable, repairing any body damage that affects the visibility of your lighting equipment

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Don’t get caught without your annual brake and lamp inspection. Give us a call now at (909) 946-7687 or schedule online today at Joel's Automotive, Inc.

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